Creating My Own Doors Open Route

This week's blog post recaps my Doors Open Toronto trip that never really happened. Well it did happen, it's just that we didn't exactly follow any particular routes or go inside many of the buildings we initially intended to but it turned out to be a great day regardless. We started off in Regent Park  where I was supporting a friend who was leading a musical recital and then we ended up in the financial district of Downtown Toronto to check out some of the buildings there.


Located in downtown Toronto, Regent Park is a neighbourhood that has in recent years seen many changes and re-development. The residential neighbourhoods used to consist entirely of social housing but now through a number of redevelopment changes is slowly becoming a mixed income neighbourhood and more social amenities have been provided for residents including the Daniels Spectrum building and the Regent Park Aquatic centre.


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Architects: MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects

The Regent Park Aquatic Centre was completed in the year 2012. The building is 28,000 square feet and has become a focal point for the community. The aquatic centre has a modern design with an impressive interior roof in the swimming pool area.

Unique Seating that works well with the space


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Architects: Bregman + Hamann Architects and Engineers and Santiago Calatrava

Located in the heart of the financial district Brookfield Place has been described as "One of North America's truly great people places". Many of the world's most prestigous financial, commercial and legal firms are located within the vicinity as well as the Hockey Hall of Fame!

The Allen Lambert galleria is located within of Brookfield Place , it is an atrium designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The six storey high pedestrian avenue is structured by eight freestanding supports on each side of the Galleria. It is a great place to take photographs!


As it was mid afternoon we decided to stop for lunch at the closest place we could find and just by luck happened upon a restaurant called Marche. It is a market style restaurant located within Brookfield Place and it had a wide array of  delicious items ranging from meats, to pizzas to crepes (made in front of your eyes!) and a great selection of fresh juices. The food was delicious and I would definitely recommend people have a meal there.


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We did not have the mind set to go into any particular building but rather just walked around and explored the area. We happened upon some amazing building facades! 


We came across this public art piece designed by Derrick S. Hudson. Weighing almost as much as 80 people or six automobiles, the enormous mother elephant is one of the largest bronze elephants in the world. 


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One of the Door Open Toronto venues that we were able to check out was the Design Exchange. It was by chance that we ended up inside the building after noticing a door's open sign outside. There were some vintage pieces on display and they had a neat little exhibit on display. 


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I was very impressed by this building and of course when I found out it was designed by the late great architect Mies Van Der Rowe I was not too surprised. It just has a striking quality about it.


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OASIS PARK (not the real name of the park).

Located across from the TD Building was a beautiful park with a waterfall wall and a few seating tables that made it a great spot for a break or if one was to be taking a lunch break from work. I wish I knew the name of the park as it was quite nice. I guess I will just have to return and find out.


Architects: Bregman + Hamann Architects
Edward Durell Stone & Associates 

Located across from the TD Building . This was my favourite building throughout our excursion that day! I really loved the thought put into the design, textures and facade of the building. Cararra Marble was initially  used in the exterior cladding of the building however due to safety concerns (one of the panels fell off a number of years ago) it was re-cladded in white ceramic frit with the corners in a  bronze tint and it is simply gorgeous!

The thought put into the use of  textures on the building's exterior was beautiful to see!

AAhh this roof! My favourite photo from the entire day!


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Well this is the end of my blog post for this week and I am super happy that you were able to read it! I hope you will join me for another blog post in the coming weeks! Till then have a wonderful day . Love and Light always!