Styling at Home (Rainy days in toronto)

SITE: My Lovely Home!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Karimah Gheddai

Hi everyone! Today it's my pleasure to welcome you into my home and see how I spend a rainy day in Toronto indoors. My day comprised of doing work from home, Having my favourite tea (Jasmin tea!) and reading some architecture magazines. 

Thank you for stopping by and reading my latest blog post! I hope I gave you some inspiration on how to be fabulous at home during a rainy day. Until next time wishing you love and light always!



Dress by Eileen Fisher

Stocking by Bleuforet 

Shoes by Prada

Dining Table and Sofa by Restoration Hardware

Moveable wood tables from Kiosk 

Lighting Fixtures on ceiling from Kiosk

Standing Light from Foscarini

Unique wood pieces (cups and bowls) from Japan

Tea pot, red cup and Jasmine tea from David's Tea

Flower was received in church during Easter Service