A Visit to the Aga Khan Museum

SITE: Aga Khan Museum and the Ismaili Centre, Toronto, Ontario

ARCHITECTS: Fumihiko Maki (Aga Khan Museum)  and  Charles Correa (Ismaili Centre) in collaboration with Toronto based architecture Firm Moriyama Teshima


PHOTOGRAPHY: Karimah Gheddai www.karimahgheddai.com

Hello Everyone! This week's blog post features a trip to the most magnificent Aga Khan Museum. It was not my first time going here, however I just love this museum so much that I had to return! This particular day however we found the museum was not open but we still had a wonderful time exploring the wonderful landscapes of the museum as well as admiring the building's facades.

The Aga Khan Museum is home to a collection of Islamic artifacts and heritage pieces. It opened in the year 2014 and since then has become a popular attraction in the city of Toronto partly due to it's striking architecture.

The landscape of the Aga Khan Museum is just as striking as the architecture. It is a formal garden featuring elegant reflective pools that utilize black granite. Gravel lined walkways invite guests to roam around the grounds in a modern space that feels so peaceful. Trees have been strategically placed near the reflective pools to soften the landscape. The landscape architect Vladimir Djurovic has described his design as one that "captures the essence of the Islamic garden and translates it into an expression that reflects its context and contemporary age"

If you would like to find out more about the Aga Khan Museum then simply go to their website at  www.agakhanmuseum.org

The dramatic entrance to the museum featuring a lovely cantilevered overhang on the building and linear two toned pavers on the ground.


Powerful interruptions in the architectural planes result in a unique architecture

A view of the reflective pool

The adjacent Ismaili Centre was designed by the late great Indian architect Charles Correa who utilized the concept of sacred geometry in his design of the building. To see more of his work. See his website HERE

This place just makes me feel so happy!

The expressive cantilevered overhang at the entrance of the building.

These planters were the perfect pop of colour to the outdoor space.


Well I hope you enjoyed my latest blog post touring the grounds of the Aga Khan Museum! If you would like more information on the outfit I wore to this outing then please check out the style section of my blog by clicking HERE  

Until next time wishing you love and light always!