A Trip to the Scarborough Bluffs

Hi Hi Hi! Welcome to my page and my latest blog post! Today's blog post is of the time I visited Bluffers Park in Scarborough which is located in the east end of the city of Toronto. The Scarborough Bluffs are one of the most picturesque locations in the city. At times the water at Bluffers Park takes on a beautiful turquoise colour, so much so that one could be forgiven for thinking they have been transported to the Caribbean. On this day however it was quite an overcast day and so the water was more on the greyish side.

A wide view of the beautiful Bluffs 

A recently added sign to the park explains the significance of the Bluffs.

Taking in the beauty of the bluffs .

Here I am with Marcela

Standing in front of the beautiful Marina with all the boats.

A view of the Marina

I was excited to see the Canada geese

Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Blogger Architecture Ontario Nature Blogs After 50 years old greenery Canada Geese

but they didn’t seem too excited to have visitors lol

The bluffs behind me are just so majestic. They are truly a gem in the city of Toronto.

Marcela found a running buddy at the Scarborough Bluffs.

A portrait pic of Marcela.

We happened on this site where we found some “Muskoka Chairs”. I am not sure who exactly provided them but I loved the writing that said: “TO Canada with love”. For those that don’t know T.O is also the short for Toronto hence why it is capitalized.

Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Blogger Architecture Ontario Nature Blogs After 50 years old greenery Red Muskoka Chairs
Scarborough Bluffs Toronto Blogger Architecture Ontario Nature Blogs After 50 years old greenery Canada Geese

A lot of different types of species of plants can be found around the park.

There are so many interesting natural elements at the park such as this waterway that leads to the lake.

To end off this blog post, I leave you with this majestic image of the bluffs. It is truly one of the gems in this beautiful city of Toronto.

Until next time my good friends. I wish you lots of love and light as always!


Unzipped: The Striking pavilion by BIG comes to Toronto

Hola beautiful friends!

Welcome to this week’s blog post! Today I am sharing my trip to see the Pavilion by Danish Architecture firm BIG. The story behind the structure is that it was first designed for and unveiled at the Serpentine Pavilion in London, England back in 2016.

According to Azure magazine the Unzipped pavilion is about twenty-seven meters long and is assembled with 1802 hollow square fibreglass frames that are stacked upon each other with the form tapering upwards to a point to create a zipper like look to the structure. When we were there it seemed to be a big hit, with a constant/ steady stream of visitors coming onto the site on a Friday Morning.

The thing that struck me about the pavilion was that once I approached it, I could see beyond the structure all the way till the end. Inside, the place embraces you but also invites you to keep moving forward and not stay put in one place. Once through the structure visitors are met with a large area of grass whereby they can sit down and admire the structure from outside. It was a great place to chat with friends about their experience viewing the pavilion and and just have a good time.

Housed in the pavilion are displays of 10 of BIG’s projects showcased through models, renderings and recordings. This included a model of the planned 480 suite condominium building in the spot the pavilion is located on in the King Street West area.

If you want to check out the pavilion you should hurry up as it will only be open up until November 30th before it heads west to it’s final destination on the Vancouver Waterfront! Complimentary tickets for the Toronto exhibit can be obtained from the following link:


A majestic view of the pavilion

Here I am in the inside of the pavilion!

The below model shows what the building proposal by BIG is for the King West Area. This condominium building is a courtyard building inspired by Moshe Safdie’s Habitat building in Montreal. There are 5 “peaks” that range in levels from 15 to 17 Storeys. This is sure to be a building that will add some to the neighbourhood

Enchanting Infinity

Black and White Details

Unzipped paviion Bjarke Ingels Toronto Architecture Toronto Architect Ontario Design Westfield Katia Marten Blogger After 50

A view of the CN tower and the pavilion side by side.

The undulating for of the structure is mesmerizing.

Unzipped pavilion Bjarke Ingels Toronto Architecture Toronto Architect Ontario Design Westfield Katia Marten Blogger After 50

After the exhibit to Kupfert and Kim for lunch we headed to which is a plant based and gluten free restaurant located at the corner of Richmond and Spadina.

The neatly designed menu

It was busy in the restaurant with it being lunch hour.

The food was delicious. One of the dishes we had was the burger plate which had a vegan patty on bed of brown rice topped with pico de gallo, guacamole & pickled onions, served with roasted yam and a side salad. Yum!

A colourful salad!

A few more photos from the pavilion

Practicing my tai chi.

Well that is the end of this blog post. Thank you for joining me as I explored the new Unzipped pavilion by BIG. I hope you will also get a chance to check it out soon.

As always peace, love and light!


Photography by Karimah Gheddai of www.karimahgheddai.com

A Mid-Afternoon Stroll Downtown

Hello Hello! Welcome to my latest Blog Post! In this instalment I spend a bright sunny summers day strolling through the streets around the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and OCAD University, after having ventured to the downtown area for a meeting. I started off the blog shoot with lunch at a restaurant in the neighbourhood and then went to explore the area!

We stepped into PROVO Food Bar for Lunch

The open facade of the building was neat and gave the restaurant an airy feel.

The specials of the day!

Industrial type lighting fixtures

The menu selections

Detail shot of the seating

A historical image of the Dundas and McCaul area graces the restaurants wall. The server also gave us postcards with the image on it as a souvenier to keep.

Our friendly server at PROVO

After lunch we headed to a nearby coffee shop called Carafted Bean Cafe for some caffeinated treats.


I asked for a photo but to my surprise the Barista was already ready with his own polaroid camera to take a photo of me!

The other super friendly Barista and to the right an image of the polaroid wall! How fun and what a neat idea and a great way to display memories!

The iced coffee and cappucino were absolutely delicous!

Ground up coffee beans on display


Across the street from the AGO we found this sculptural piece/ mural. I am not sure who it is of but it kind of looks like Van Gogh to me.

Next up we headed towards OCAD

These pillars are something!

Selfie time!

Excited to be downtown

A view of the OCAD building, “The Sharp Centre for Design” which is sometimes known as the “Checkerboard in the Sky”. The building was designed by Will Alsop and was opened in 2004. It’s architecture is quite unique and OCAD’s website describes it as a black and white “tabletop” structure that stands above OCAD University’s main campus building on 12 multi-coloured steel legs. The building won an award of Excellence in 2005 from the Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Awards and has since become one of the iconic buildings in Toronto. OCAD is the oldest educational institute in Canada for Art and Design.

I found this Harley Davidson parked on the side of the road and I had to pretend I was going for a ride on this cool bike lol!

So this bring me to the end of another blog post! I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll with me!


Doors Open Toronto 2018: 1 Spadina (University of Toronto's Architecture building)

Hola Everyone! I hope you are all doing great! This week's blog post is about our trip to the University of Toronto's John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design at their new building located at 1 Spadina (near the intersection of College and Spadina).

The weekend we went on this trip it was Doors Open Toronto and so the public was given access to enter this university building. Doors Open Toronto is an annual celebration that offers members of the public a chance to check out a number of architecturally significant buildings and interiors of interest, all for free. This year was the 19th version of the Festival and there were over a 130 buildings available to check out all over the city, but we only had time to check out one of them. A rare example of gothic architecture in Toronto, the 1 Spadina building itself was built over a 140 years ago, at that time the Presbyterian Church bought the land and commissioned the architects Smith & Gemmell to build Knox College. Over the years the building has been adapted to fit different uses. 

Commencement on the renovation of the 1 Spadina building to turn it into the home of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design began in 2013 and was completed in 2017. The renovated building was designed collaboratively by Nader Tehrani and Katherine Faulkner who are principals at the internationally acclaimed firm NADAAA, along with architects Adamson and Associates, Landscape Architects; Public Work and Heritage architects ERA. Join us in this blog post as we take a walk around the building in our self guided tour of 1 Spadina. 

The Front Of the 1 Spadina Building.

Arriving at the building.

Posing in front of a model of the 1 Spadina Building.

Checking out the displays.

Student sketchbooks on display.

More Student Sketch Books.

IMG_0567 copy.jpg

These windows were show stoppers.

A wall of Student Work.

3D Printed Model.

The top level of the Daniel's building has a fabrication lab which features a very cool roof.

This roof detail was quite spectacular.

The windows from the fabrication lab lets you see straight down Spadina Avenue as far as your eye can see to the lake shore. The windows were so neat that we just had to take a silhouette type photo with them.


A cool organic wooden structure.

An architectural model made of cardbaord

Student Exhibit

We were able to check out the last minutes of a talk on architecture.

There is a viewing area that allows spectators to look into the auditorium from the upper level of the building.

The panelling in the auditorium is a neat array of colours.

In the basement of 1 Spadina is where the library can be found. Here I am walking towards the library.

Railing Details.

The details of the stairs were interesting.

The details of the stairs were interesting.

The lighting details  are quite cool.

A quiet area for students to work/ study which is located adjacent to the library areas on the ground floor and basement.

In the other section of the library (on the ground floor) one can check out magazines and this sculpture.

A wall full of architectural magazines in a section of the library.

IMG_0686 .jpg

There are tons of seating all over the building, which is quite convenient for students.

Can you guess that what is behind me are a bunch of lockers? It was interesting to see how the architect located them on the ground floor. The added light panel was a nice touch.

After our tour of the building we headed outside to check out the surrounding landscapes and look what we came across! A yellow tractor!

Here I am standing outside one of the entrances to the building.

The landscape around the building is quite unique and was designed by Public Works.

After visiting 1 Spadina we made a quick stop to Kensington Market to shop for fruits. The market is not so far from the University of Toronto's building and is actually within 10 minutes walking distance.

Ataulfo Mangos are the best!

So many flowers to choose from!

There is always something interesting happening at the Kensington market. On this day there was a band playing some music out of a laneway!

Good music deserves a tip!

There are always tons of goods for sale at Kensington Market!

Alright this brings me to the end of our blog post! Hope you enjoyed the tour of 1 Spadina with me! Stay tuned for a whole lot of other exciting blog posts still to come this year!

Until next time peace, love and light always!


1 Spadina's location on the map can be seen below.


Where to get Katia's clothing items: CLICK HERE TO SEE STYLE BLOG POST

Addendum: We returned to the 1 Spadina building a few weeks later to meet with one of the faculty members (Mauricio Quiros) and we were given a second tour of the building so here are some photos from that tour!


A Walk Around The Eaton's Centre

Hi Everyone! Happy Spring! We finally made it into the season. Welcome to another blog post of mine! This post is of a day back in late winter where we checked out the New Pedestrian bridge at the Eaton's Centre that connects the building to the Saks Fifth Avenue building. This bridge was designed by Wilkinson Eyre in partnership with Zeidler and  is quickly becoming a landmark in the city. According to Wilkinson Eyre's website the bridge is estimated to carry two million people annually and can withstand a weight of 70,080 kg. Join me in this blog post as I explore the area around Eaton's centre including the bridge!

The beautiful Eaton Centre which is one of the most popular spots in Toronto. It is always buzzing with eager shoppers.

The dynamic design of the pedestrian bridge, spans 35 metres across Queen Street and is composed of 200 etched bronze panels and 355 curved glass panels.  

The dynamic design of the pedestrian bridge, spans 35 metres across Queen Street and is composed of 200 etched bronze panels and 355 curved glass panels.  

We took a stroll into SAKS fifth avenue to check out the store and we ran into this super friendly employee below!

After windows shopping we  decided to treat ourselves to some chocolate goodness at Godiva's. The milkshake was something else!

mmm a truffle from Godiva!

It was Easter when we took these photos and so the eaton's centre had these cute bunny sculptures as part of their Easter decor!

Green everywhere!

We stopped by the church of the Holy Trinity which is right outside the Eaton's centre.

Window Details

Here I am playing the role of photographer for some Tourists!

I met a new friend!

In the midst of the labyrinth.

Okay my friends that brings me to the end of this week's blog post! Thank you kindly for joining me! Until the next one have a great rest of your week! Love and light always!


An afternoon well spent at West Elm

Hello Hello Everyone! Welcome to another blog post! This post is of our trip  to the furniture store West Elm located on Yonge Street.  West Elm  is a furniture store that focuses on modern designs for the home and office. West Elm is based out of Brooklyn, NY and they pride themselves in being a company that designs majority of their furniture and decor items in-house, carefully selecting organic, handcrafted and sustainably sourced materials. They have a ton of cool stuff so join me as I check out some neat items in the photos below. 

Woah look at this entrance!!!

These chairs were fantastic!

They have a variety of options for office furniture and decor.

These lighting fixtures are so unique!

After walking through the entire West Elm store and seeing all the great stuff they had, we had worked up quite an appetite and so we  had lunch at the Italian Restaurant La Vecchia which is located on Yonge Street.  Here I am standing outside the doors.

Check out this cool door and all the details!

It is always so interesting to see how restaurants have fashioned their spaces with decor items.

The restaurant menu

Some bread and condiments to start us off for lunch


Our  half and half pizza! One side for the vegetarian and the other side for the meat eaters.

Seafood Pasta

Ravioli. with mushrooms

Leaving the restaurant we came across this neat mural and I had to snap a photo with it.

Okay folks that brings me to the end of this blog post! Thank you kindly for joining me on my journey by reading this blog! Until the next one have a great rest of your week! Love and light always!


The National Home Show

Hola Amigos! Today is a superb day as I get to share some photos from a fun trip to the 2018 National Home Show that took place last month. This year the national show also included Canada blooms! So us attendees were able to check out both shows.

The show was buzzing with people!

An arrangement of doors to welcome us!

These massive jacuzzi's were quite a sight!

I came across this "Exercise Garden" by Otium and thought it was genius! They even had a punching bag of which I took a turn at kicking!

landscape design featuring the cast of Star Wars

All smiles ready to explore all the show has to offer

It was hilarious to see these funny shoes at the Home show lol. 

A self driving lawn mower! 

Fake Turf and Greenery on display

Real Plants on display

The exterior doors we saw at this booth were neat!

Red doors!!!

Barbecues make me long for summer even in my winter coat!

This was one of my favourite exhibits

This one  below was for sure my favourite exhibit of all! I love when so much thought is put into an exhibit!

How beautiful is this chandelier!

Another beautiful feature was this sculpture

This company made cool fold out beds!

Standing pretty under the water fountain!

Very interesting landscape Exhibit featuring Jack Nicholson and "Where's Johnny???". Jack's face scared me a bit hence the awkward smile on my face lol! 

Checking out the work of a landscape contractor

These canopy structures were also some of my favourite things at the show!

Practicing my domestic skills

Enjoying beautiful abstract art

A landscape installation

Green green everything!!!

My signature kick to the sky! 

Walking through more landscape installations!

Lighting in the landscape

Ready for a shower!

Excited about the sale!


This company had really nice items for the bathroom

They really work!

Yellow umbrellas bringing a little sunshine to the winter climate 

A great design of a barbeque.

We ended off the show watching a fashion show whereby the outfits were made of plants and flowers. It really took a lot of creativity for the designers to produce such work!

The star of the show! Everyone wanted a photo with this design.

So that brings me to the end of the show. Now am running away with Colin Firth for a coffee.  I wish you a goodbye from the National Home Show. Till next time, wishing you lots of joy!

Around the Neighbourhood

Hello! Welcome to another instalment of my blog! In my last post I had given you a tour of our new KMA Design group office space. This time around in this particular post  I am showing you around the North York neighbourhood where my office is located! 

We are quite close to the stunning Hullmark Centre on (Sheppard and Yonge) which is a mixed use building and comprises of two towers. A modern building which has now come to define the intersection of shepherd and Yonge, this building was designed by Kirkor Architects and Planners. 

It was great to have Marcela in town!

A view of the striking Emerald Park towers. It was designed by Rosario Vacaralli and was completed in 2015. The two towers are 32 and 42 stories and sit on a shared 3 story podium.

Another view of the Emerald Park Towers (left). 25 Sheppard Avenue W. can be seen on the right.

Walking towards the Whole Foods market to grab lunch.  

Ahaha this photo of Sifu Joe and I is funny. I think our martial  training has resulted in us being super coordinated even in our laughs lol

A team photo!

Here we are in front of the landscape of the Hullmark Centre

On this particular day we went into the Hullmark Centre where a whole foods store is located. Here we had a delicious lunch with the team.

The cafeteria style setting with the glass curtain walls make for an inviting place to have a quick lunch or snack.

The industrial look of the whole foods cafeteria with the exposed pipes is quite neat.

After lunch we explored the rest of the whole foods store. Here I am admiring the plants on sale.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables were on display in the fruits and veggies aisle.

I get so excited when I am around fruits and veggies lol


Weighing some apples to take home with me!

These tomatoes look so fresh!!!

They sell everything at this store including fashionable scarves!

Looking for some great coffee beans? Then look no further! You can find a great selection at Whole Foods!

When I say they sell everything. I really meant it! Here I am with some plush toys! How fun!

Bakery treats on display.

Gelato! Mmm.....

At the Olive and Antipasti Bar.

So many varieties of cheese to choose from.

Bread on display. 

This store has lots of samples to taste. Here I am trying a delicious chocolate cookie!

All types of dry cooking products for sale in bulk.

Pretzels and other baked goods freshly baked!

it wouldn't be a whole foods store without the seafood section.

Walking back towards the office

Standing in front of the Emerald Park Towers. They may not be everyone's style but they are certainly iconic.

The team had to take a snap here too!

Walking back to the office. Though there currently is a lot of construction going on there are still lots of strip plazas with small businesses in the area. It is really neat to see all the changes that are taking place and the differences between the old and the new.

A view of our office building against the blue sky.

Taking a moment to Imagine all the future possibilities!

The Toronto Centre for the Arts is situated just behind the building our office is located in. It is a performing arts centre that was designed by Canadian Architect Eberhhard Zeidler. Currently the space is host to musicals, theatre productions and other various types of performance arts. I will have to take some time out of my busy schedule to check out a show one of the days.

This is a pic  of our photographer Karimah who lended me her camera and gave me tips on capturing portraits that speak to the soul. Here is my attempt at taking a photo which I think is  probably the best photo I ever captured.

I love these next set of images! Check out the reflections in the building. It really has a New York oops  I mean North York Feel!

The Toronto Centre for the Arts looks amazing in the evening/ night time!

 This brings me  to the end of this blog post. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest entry on my blog. Until next time have a lovely one!


Caro and I at Edwards Gardens

Hola Everyone! Today I am sharing  a few wonderful photos from a photo session I did with my incredible daughter Carolina! I would like to dedicate this blog post to Caro who has been a loving daughter and life companion. She constantly inspires me to be the best version of myself and to be a human being who respects and celebrates life; making sure to treat others the way I  would expect to be treated.  Thank you Caro! 

We took these photos in beautiful Edwards Gardens which is a botanical garden in Toronto that was once an estate garden. The grounds of Edwards Gardens are stunning and everywhere you turn there are different types of plants, all with their own varying textures. The history of Edwards Gardens was that the area was settled on by Alexander Milne in 1817. He was a Scottish weaver and the grounds were successfully used as a farm and mill operation for over a century, even expanding up to 240 hectares in size. In the year 1944 the proprietor Rupert E. Edwards purchased the original 11 hectare Milne residence and over the years added many landscape features to the garden including rockery, ponds, rustic bridges and flower beds. He also added a 9 hole golf course. The vision of Mr. Edwards was to see the gardens eventually become a public park. His vision eventually came true when in 1955 the property was purchased by Metropolitan Toronto who have maintained the park's character and beauty since then.

architect toronto kma Edwards gardens portraits design photography photographer landscape Costa Rican Canada residential architecture award winning

I bet you after seeing all the images above you would have never guessed that the photos above were taken during the Canadian Fall. Well if you don't believe me see the image below which was taken in a different part of the garden that featured some maple trees with "fall-ing" leaves (The pun was definitely intended). 

architect toronto kma Edwards gardens portraits design photography photographer landscape Costa Rican Canada residential architecture award winning

Edwards Gardens


So that is the end of my blog post for this week! I would like to thank God for all the blessings he has provided in my life. I am truly grateful to be surrounded by so many amazing people (especially my children). Till the next time, have a great one! 


Photography by Karimah Gheddai


The 2017 Toronto Scotiabank Marathon

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to another blog post on my website. This week's post is so special to me because I had a ton of friends visit Toronto from Costa Rica to take part in the 2017 Toronto Scotiabank Marathon, and it was fantastic having them here! On the morning of the marathon, the supporters including myself and some friends from Costa Rica gathered downtown to support our runner friends.

Nathan Phillips Square was buzzing with excitement! Apart from the runners, there were many friends and family members and friends of the runners came to support their loved ones at the race. Our team of runners and supporters wore custom blue shirts to signify we were "Team Costa Rica" ready to represent in my new home city of Toronto!

A sea of people at Nathan Phillips Square

Caro and Me ready to cheer on our marathon friends!

We were so happy to have Marce, Fi, Ani and Alberto in Toronto for this amazing Marathon in November 2017.

The golden runner of the day!

An amazing couple!

I loved my custom T-shirt with my name printed on the back!

and Toronto's Skyline printed on the front!

Selfie addicts

Waiting for the runners to arrive

Happy marathon buddies!

A view of the city hall building


Congratulations Champs!

Spectators view the race from the overpass at Nathan Phillips Square.

Below is a video clip of us cheering Marce on! She was the first from the Costa Rican Group to finish the marathon!


Celebrating an unforgettable day!

Fancy runners footwear!

Check out the medal received for completing the 2017 Marathon!

Below is an image showing the medal for the half-marathon and the medal for the full marathon

Happy to be Costa Rican in Toronto! Hear our chant in the video below!

This post is dedicated to all those who are passionate about the sport of running.  I want to  thank all of our  Costa Rican friends for joining us in our beautiful new home city of Toronto, Canada. Carolina and I, were very happy to have you all here!  I hope you enjoyed reading/ viewing this special blog post! Until the next time, have a great one!


A lovely Afternoon in the Distillery District

Hola! Welcome to another post on my blog! Today I am showcasing my trip to the Distillery District in Toronto. We started off the day by  having an amazing dessert at the stunning El Catrin Restaurant. Afterwards we roamed the Distillery District and stopped by some shops in including the SOMA chocolate shop and a lovely clothing shop called Cop Copine (which had one of the friendliest owners). We ended the day with a little summer tradition of spending time at a local beach.

A little history behind the now pedestrian only neighbourhood of the Distillery District is that it was founded in 1832, and at one point was the largest distillery in the world. The Official Plan currently designates the Distillery district as a mixed-use land parcel. The site is currently recognized as a national historic site and this is in part due to it comprising of 40 of North America's best preserved Industrial Victorian buildings. Today the area is comprised of boutiques, galleries, restaurants, cafes and residential dwellings in the form of condos. All this makes for one of the most vibrant spots in the city of Toronto during the weekends and holidays!