Special Guest Feature: Steven Green (Real Estate Agent)

Hola Everyone,

Today’s blog post is special as it is one of the ones where I feature guests that are some of the brightest movers and shakers in the city.

This week’s feature is on Steven Green who is one of the top real estate agents in the city of Toronto (not an easy feat to achieve). He is currently Number 1 at Royal Le Page Partners and has continuously been in the top 10 over the past couple of years.

We conducted this interview at beautiful Edwards Gardens which is located in the neighborhood where Mr. Green does a lot of business.

I first met Steven Green through a mutual friend some time ago. At the time, I was interested in learning more about the real real estate landscape in the Toronto Area and Steven Green was the perfect person to educate me on the current real estate scene (as I already mentioned he is one of the top real estate agents in the city).

After having met with Steven for lunch at the Granite Club one day. I was able to understand the city of Toronto’s real estate landscape better and pinpoint some of my own favorite neighborhoods in Toronto.

It was a bit chilly on the afternoon of this walk but Steven came prepared with his PRADA scarf! Keep reading below for the interview!

Katia: What do you enjoy most about Real Estate?

Steven: What I love most about Real Estate is the interaction with buyers and sellers. I truly enjoy assisting my clients in fulfilling their home owner dreams and finding them a home that is the perfect fit.


Katia: How did you get into Real Estate and how long have you been doing it for?

Steven: I have been selling real estate since September 1987. My family was already in the real estate field to begin with and so it was a natural path for me to take.


Katia: What type of real estate and real estate services do you sell?

Steven: I have helped clients with the marketing and sales of various new home sites and also with the resale of homes and condominiums. My clientele are diverse, from first time buyers up to those seeking homes in the multi million dollar range. 

Katia: What are some of the trends that you are seeing in Real Estate at the moment?

Steven: Well I have a lot of clients who are now deciding to sell their large homes and move to smaller homes or even condominiums in the city and they are doing this without scaling down on their lifestyle.


Katia: Do you see the current Real Estate Market in Toronto staying strong?

Steven: Yes, Real Estate is still a very strong investment to have in the city. I would encourage anyone thinking of buying their first home to prioiritise saving funds to invest in their first home.


Katia: What advice do you have for young people who want to be future home owners?

Steven: I would say building credit and having good credit is super important. If you don’t have a credit card you should get one now. I always advise young borrowers especially to get a line of credit and have a credit card in good standing.

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Katia: How long have you lived in Toronto for and what has your experience in Toronto been like over the years?

Steven: I have been living in Toronto my whole life. I love being a part of such an amazing community. Over the last seven years, I have helped raise over $2.5 million dollars for our local hospital at our annual golf tournament and I am very involved at our local public school as one of the lead sponsors. It's important to give back to your community, and it gives me great pride to do so.


Katia: How do you market your business and stay ahead of the competition in a super competitive real estate market?

Steven:  Marketing is critical in what I do, from virtual and digital tours, floor plans, feature sheets, advertisements in newspapers, magazines and flyers. I love the whole process of preparing a house to sell. 

Okay that brings me to the end of this blog post. Thank you kindly to Steven Green for being a part of this blog series!

To get in touch with Steven Green you can contact him via his contact details below:

Steven Green
Royal LePage Partners Realty Sales Representative
Tel: call or text: 416-990-2313 
Fax: 416-229-6480 Email: sgreengrey@aol.com
Website: http://www.homesweethometoronto.com 

Until next time friends have a great week and stay tuned for more special features! Love and light always!