A Mid-Afternoon Stroll Downtown

Hello Hello! Welcome to my latest Blog Post! In this instalment I spend a bright sunny summers day strolling through the streets around the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and OCAD University, after having ventured to the downtown area for a meeting. I started off the blog shoot with lunch at a restaurant in the neighbourhood and then went to explore the area!

We stepped into PROVO Food Bar for Lunch

The open facade of the building was neat and gave the restaurant an airy feel.

The specials of the day!

Industrial type lighting fixtures

The menu selections

Detail shot of the seating

A historical image of the Dundas and McCaul area graces the restaurants wall. The server also gave us postcards with the image on it as a souvenier to keep.

Our friendly server at PROVO

After lunch we headed to a nearby coffee shop called Carafted Bean Cafe for some caffeinated treats.


I asked for a photo but to my surprise the Barista was already ready with his own polaroid camera to take a photo of me!

The other super friendly Barista and to the right an image of the polaroid wall! How fun and what a neat idea and a great way to display memories!

The iced coffee and cappucino were absolutely delicous!

Ground up coffee beans on display


Across the street from the AGO we found this sculptural piece/ mural. I am not sure who it is of but it kind of looks like Van Gogh to me.

Next up we headed towards OCAD

These pillars are something!

Selfie time!

Excited to be downtown

A view of the OCAD building, “The Sharp Centre for Design” which is sometimes known as the “Checkerboard in the Sky”. The building was designed by Will Alsop and was opened in 2004. It’s architecture is quite unique and OCAD’s website describes it as a black and white “tabletop” structure that stands above OCAD University’s main campus building on 12 multi-coloured steel legs. The building won an award of Excellence in 2005 from the Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Awards and has since become one of the iconic buildings in Toronto. OCAD is the oldest educational institute in Canada for Art and Design.

I found this Harley Davidson parked on the side of the road and I had to pretend I was going for a ride on this cool bike lol!

So this bring me to the end of another blog post! I hope you enjoyed taking a stroll with me!