Muskoka and Toronto Wanderings

Hello! Welcome to my blog! It is great to have you here! This blog post is a continuation of our last blog post whereby some of my team members from my Architecture firm in Costa Rica had recently come to visit me in Canada! This blog post is a continuation of our last blog post. It showcases some of our fun moments during their trip here including a visit up North to the Muskoka Region and some wanderings around the city of Toronto including taking in a bit of the Design T.O Festival in the process.

We drove up North to Muskoka region for a work field trip. It was so cold and the landscapes were pretty much all covered in snow.

Always conducting business. Thank God for cellphones.

Can you believe we are standing on a Frozen lake!


IMG_4286 1.jpg

The team plus our friend Lawrence.

IMG_4266 1.jpg
IMG_4263 1.jpg

There is nothing quite like a Snow Covered Canadian Landscape.

with Marcela

My Costa Rican Team members Ani, Marcela and Diego

Arriving at 3 Guys and a Stove Restaurant for Lunch:

The next day we decided to spend a fun relaxed day in the City of Toronto. We visited one of my favourite restaurants in the city of Toronto called Tabule. This was at the Bayview Mall Location.

Tabule serves up delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine in a modern way. This restaurant never disappoints and everyone really enjoyed their lunch.

A spread of Hummus, Babaghanoush and Labne. This is definitely a reccomended starter!

Falafel Plate



Cauliflower appetizer

Shish Tawouk

The Gang

After Lunch we headed to Pusateri’s in search of some goodies for the Kids of some of our Costa Rican team members

Saying Hi to the Kids via facetime.

Next we made a stop at Squint Eyewear to check out some of the fabulous eye wear was also one of our stops after lunch.

I loved these wooden frames.

When I am at Bayview mall I always have to stop by one of my favourite stores which is NEAT. They sell all kinds of gadgets and products for the home to help you stay organized and Neat!.

We are always telling jokes.

All kinds of kitchenware for the home

After our visit to the mall, we found out that there was a design festival opening that evening. So here we are at the T.O Design Festival! We got to listen to the designer Tiffany Pratt who inspired the crowd with her eloquent presentation. Don’t you just love her pink hair! If you don’t know about Tiffany Pratt, she is a Toronto based designer and artist who inspires through her generous use of colour in her work.

Listening attentively to Tiffany Pratt’s inspiring speech

Next stop was a kitchen showroom that featured appliances with some bold colours.

We ran into a lot of fun characters throughout the night.

When the photographer said “Quick everyone open an oven door” lol

This is the Urban Fabric Installation presented by “Founded by Garcia”.

One of the exhibits we checked out was at the Bulthaup building. Here we saw the “Light Cage Duo” by Luvere Studio . This was exciting as we had previosly seen a picture of it in a magazine given out at IDS called Design Lines So to see it in person was super exciting

Ani and Diego posing with the “Light Cage”

Next we walked over to Aquavato which is a company that sells a large variety of luxury bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Check out this Bath Tub

There was some form of entertainment at each stop and here I am with two of the musicians playing at one of the exhibitions.

Wow can you believe we all fit under that chair!!!

Okay folks that brings me to the end of this beautiful blogpost! I am happy to have shared these beautiful experiences with my some of my Costa Rican team and my Canadian team at KMD Group. Until next time I wish you love and light as always.