Two Shops I Adore!

Hey Everyone! My latest blogpost is a special one as it focuses on two of the shops I absolutely love in the downtown of Toronto! I encourage you to check out  these wonderful shops!


If you are a tea fan like I am then you will find that a visit to a David's Tea store will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store! There is so much variety that I sometimes have to take a good period of time just to choose the one I will purchase.


Neat is the other store that I really like. It is such a gem of a store! They carry uniquely designed household items that are sourced from all over the world! They describe themselves as having "a design aesthetic that is modern, urban, and contemporary". Check out the pantone chairs in one of the images below. How fun!


Well this concludes my latest blogpost! I really do hope you will visit the two stores mentioned if you are ever in the downtown area of Toronto! Make an afternoon trip out of it! Until next time love and light always!