An Introduction To The KMA Team

Hello Everyone! Winter has finally arrived in Toronto. It is snowing as I type and I realize how special this city is. Every season has its magic and today it is all  covered with white snow and the joy of the holidays is all around. 

Today’s  blogpost however takes us to a few months back when I was in Costa Rica with my  team. KMA stands for Katia Marten Arquitectos. It is the architectural firm I founded 35 years ago in my home country.  My team is the heart of the office so I am dedicating this blog to them. The wonderful photos were taken by a special friend and  photographer, Mr. Rodrigo Montoya. It includes photos of the team at the KMA office and the grounds surrounding the building where it is situated. The building was designed by the late great architect from Mexico, Mr. Ricardo Legoretta. He was famous for his linear type designs and use of bright colours. These elements were influenced by his teacher the famous architect, Mr. Luis Barragan.  We are fortunate to have KMA located in such a beautiful building that inspires our team of architects and designers each day.

Photos Captured By: Rodrigo Montoya 

Location: Plaza Roble (KMA office is located within here)

Architect of the building: Ricardo Legoretta Vilchis

If you are interested in finding more about Katia Marten Arquitectos and the work we do. I highly recommend you visiting our website at