An afternoon well spent at West Elm

Hello Hello Everyone! Welcome to another blog post! This post is of our trip  to the furniture store West Elm located on Yonge Street.  West Elm  is a furniture store that focuses on modern designs for the home and office. West Elm is based out of Brooklyn, NY and they pride themselves in being a company that designs majority of their furniture and decor items in-house, carefully selecting organic, handcrafted and sustainably sourced materials. They have a ton of cool stuff so join me as I check out some neat items in the photos below. 

Woah look at this entrance!!!

These chairs were fantastic!

They have a variety of options for office furniture and decor.

These lighting fixtures are so unique!

After walking through the entire West Elm store and seeing all the great stuff they had, we had worked up quite an appetite and so we  had lunch at the Italian Restaurant La Vecchia which is located on Yonge Street.  Here I am standing outside the doors.

Check out this cool door and all the details!

It is always so interesting to see how restaurants have fashioned their spaces with decor items.

The restaurant menu

Some bread and condiments to start us off for lunch


Our  half and half pizza! One side for the vegetarian and the other side for the meat eaters.

Seafood Pasta

Ravioli. with mushrooms

Leaving the restaurant we came across this neat mural and I had to snap a photo with it.

Okay folks that brings me to the end of this blog post! Thank you kindly for joining me on my journey by reading this blog! Until the next one have a great rest of your week! Love and light always!