The National Home Show

Hola Amigos! Today is a superb day as I get to share some photos from a fun trip to the 2018 National Home Show that took place last month. This year the national show also included Canada blooms! So us attendees were able to check out both shows.

The show was buzzing with people!

An arrangement of doors to welcome us!

These massive jacuzzi's were quite a sight!

I came across this "Exercise Garden" by Otium and thought it was genius! They even had a punching bag of which I took a turn at kicking!

landscape design featuring the cast of Star Wars

All smiles ready to explore all the show has to offer

It was hilarious to see these funny shoes at the Home show lol. 

A self driving lawn mower! 

Fake Turf and Greenery on display

Real Plants on display

The exterior doors we saw at this booth were neat!

Red doors!!!

Barbecues make me long for summer even in my winter coat!

This was one of my favourite exhibits

This one  below was for sure my favourite exhibit of all! I love when so much thought is put into an exhibit!

How beautiful is this chandelier!

Another beautiful feature was this sculpture

This company made cool fold out beds!

Standing pretty under the water fountain!

Very interesting landscape Exhibit featuring Jack Nicholson and "Where's Johnny???". Jack's face scared me a bit hence the awkward smile on my face lol! 

Checking out the work of a landscape contractor

These canopy structures were also some of my favourite things at the show!

Practicing my domestic skills

Enjoying beautiful abstract art

A landscape installation

Green green everything!!!

My signature kick to the sky! 

Walking through more landscape installations!

Lighting in the landscape

Ready for a shower!

Excited about the sale!


This company had really nice items for the bathroom

They really work!

Yellow umbrellas bringing a little sunshine to the winter climate 

A great design of a barbeque.

We ended off the show watching a fashion show whereby the outfits were made of plants and flowers. It really took a lot of creativity for the designers to produce such work!

The star of the show! Everyone wanted a photo with this design.

So that brings me to the end of the show. Now am running away with Colin Firth for a coffee.  I wish you a goodbye from the National Home Show. Till next time, wishing you lots of joy!