Around the Neighbourhood

Hello! Welcome to another instalment of my blog! In my last post I had given you a tour of our new KMA Design group office space. This time around in this particular post  I am showing you around the North York neighbourhood where my office is located! 

We are quite close to the stunning Hullmark Centre on (Sheppard and Yonge) which is a mixed use building and comprises of two towers. A modern building which has now come to define the intersection of shepherd and Yonge, this building was designed by Kirkor Architects and Planners. 

It was great to have Marcela in town!

A view of the striking Emerald Park towers. It was designed by Rosario Vacaralli and was completed in 2015. The two towers are 32 and 42 stories and sit on a shared 3 story podium.

Another view of the Emerald Park Towers (left). 25 Sheppard Avenue W. can be seen on the right.

Walking towards the Whole Foods market to grab lunch.  

Ahaha this photo of Sifu Joe and I is funny. I think our martial  training has resulted in us being super coordinated even in our laughs lol

A team photo!

Here we are in front of the landscape of the Hullmark Centre

On this particular day we went into the Hullmark Centre where a whole foods store is located. Here we had a delicious lunch with the team.

The cafeteria style setting with the glass curtain walls make for an inviting place to have a quick lunch or snack.

The industrial look of the whole foods cafeteria with the exposed pipes is quite neat.

After lunch we explored the rest of the whole foods store. Here I am admiring the plants on sale.

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables were on display in the fruits and veggies aisle.

I get so excited when I am around fruits and veggies lol


Weighing some apples to take home with me!

These tomatoes look so fresh!!!

They sell everything at this store including fashionable scarves!

Looking for some great coffee beans? Then look no further! You can find a great selection at Whole Foods!

When I say they sell everything. I really meant it! Here I am with some plush toys! How fun!

Bakery treats on display.

Gelato! Mmm.....

At the Olive and Antipasti Bar.

So many varieties of cheese to choose from.

Bread on display. 

This store has lots of samples to taste. Here I am trying a delicious chocolate cookie!

All types of dry cooking products for sale in bulk.

Pretzels and other baked goods freshly baked!

it wouldn't be a whole foods store without the seafood section.

Walking back towards the office

Standing in front of the Emerald Park Towers. They may not be everyone's style but they are certainly iconic.

The team had to take a snap here too!

Walking back to the office. Though there currently is a lot of construction going on there are still lots of strip plazas with small businesses in the area. It is really neat to see all the changes that are taking place and the differences between the old and the new.

A view of our office building against the blue sky.

Taking a moment to Imagine all the future possibilities!

The Toronto Centre for the Arts is situated just behind the building our office is located in. It is a performing arts centre that was designed by Canadian Architect Eberhhard Zeidler. Currently the space is host to musicals, theatre productions and other various types of performance arts. I will have to take some time out of my busy schedule to check out a show one of the days.

This is a pic  of our photographer Karimah who lended me her camera and gave me tips on capturing portraits that speak to the soul. Here is my attempt at taking a photo which I think is  probably the best photo I ever captured.

I love these next set of images! Check out the reflections in the building. It really has a New York oops  I mean North York Feel!

The Toronto Centre for the Arts looks amazing in the evening/ night time!

 This brings me  to the end of this blog post. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest entry on my blog. Until next time have a lovely one!